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Pet Policy

We know that you pets are part of your family and they deserve a holiday too. We have 2 island pets as well named Wolf and Jookie. Most of you have met them by now but for those that have not they are big but friendly dogs. We are constantly looking after them as we would expect you to do the same as if you were at home in the city or park/country. We realize that most of the cottagers do not have pets and would appreciate (like the rest of us) keeping the grounds free of any land mines.

For the last couple of years we have tried to accommodate peoples dogs and have made people happy because we accept dogs at Tamar. This past year we have had more dogs at Tamar then all of the other years combined. We have tried to enforce our rules for dogs. 1. Please watch and clean up after your dog at all times. 2. Keep the dogs out of the cabins and especially off the furniture and beds. They can sleep on the porch.

Rule 1 we believe that everyone did their best to take care of their dogs and we appreciate that. Rule 2 however was not so successful. For us, the clean up of hair and doggy odor is time consuming and expensive to fit in to our quick turn-around times. No offence to any dogs or owners out there, but we all know to someone who hasn't a dog, the odor can be detected. 

To offset this time we have to charge $90.00 per dog regardless of period you stay because the cleaning will be necessary.

The houseboat policy strictly remains no pets of any kind.
These units are too contained to clean thoroughly each week.

Please let me know your thoughts and we appreciate your co-operation.

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