Hikers and naturalists will enjoy Temagami's vast protected wilderness. Due to the secluded location of  Tamar, wildlife sighting opportunities are numerous.

Photographers will appreciate the region's striking rugged beauty and diverse wildlife. Bird watching is quite good with over 60 species being present during the summer season. Old growth forest and its rare undergrowth offer precious photo opportunities of Northern Ontario's unspoiled wilderness. Don't leave your camera at home!

Often described as Ontario's finest canoe country, Temagami's fame does not come unwarranted. The region boasts 8000 kilometers of interconnecting canoe routes (remnants of first settlers trade routes and portages). The region was once home to the legendary paddler and conservationist, Grey Owl. All paddlers will enjoy Lake Temagami's more than 1300 islands which offer plenty of opportunity for exploration. 

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