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Using Tamar as your base, you can fish off the local ridges (where our ice huts are located) or venture off to a hidden lake for your own secluded excursion. 

With our icefishing packages we make it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors in the winter, combining a cottage and icehut. We can arrange pick ups at the landing in a caboose or for those of you with your own sleds you can just come to Tamar. All the cabins are insulated for winter and we have lots of dry hardwood as well as air tight stoves for overnight burning. We supply paper plates, utensils, and cups to minimize the need for hot water and washing dishes. Pots, pans and serving utensils are supplied as well. Each cabin could have large stove top pot for hot water and a BBQ, on request. 

To go along with the cabins is your 4 person ice fishing hut within walking distance of  the cabin. The huts are comfortable, warm, and heated with propane furnaces. They have 4 holes, shelves for your stuff and a large table for a game of  hold'um under the 12 volt lighting.  All with a couple of windows so you can have a look outside every once in a while.  Enjoy!

Ice Fishing Packages for a little as $43/person/day*
* based on 4 person occupancy 

What to Bring on your Winter Vacation

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Not afraid to brave a little cold in the name of a good time?

'Remote Icefishing'

Why not try Remote Ice Fishing for a day to get a spot all to yourself in a "hidden lake".To help you out we have a Mobile Shack!

Lake Trout season starts on the 15th of February - we will be open mid-January. 

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