Unlike many of the northern Ontario's smaller lakes, Lake Temagami is an extensive lake of more than 50,000 acres (202,500 ha).  Prime shallow shoals and sunken reefs are abundant so when cruising the lake for fish a shoal map is necessary. According to MNR biologists, Temagami is an underutilized lake for bass fishing.  The majority of the shoreline is ideal for smallmouth habitat. Isolating a small number of ideal fishing locations is impossible as bass are distributed everywhere through out the lake. The average smallmouth runs 2 pounds (.9 kg), but 6-pounders (2.7 kg) are not unheard of. In the past, angling  has been concentrated on lake trout and walleye so smallmouth here are relatively unsophisticated. Most traditional bass baits should be effective but local fisherman swear by baiting with the leach, worm, or a minnow-tipped bucktail jig to be used along one of the many shoals and shorelines. 

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