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The region boasts 8000 kilometers of interconnecting canoe routes so grab a canoe and head out and explore. There are more than 200 named lakes located partially or entirely within the Municipality of Temagami so it is an ideal place for your next boating adventure. Tamar is a remote location so one of the most commonly asked question is about wildlife and can you see it. The answer is, yes! An early morning boat ride of 10 minutes will put you right on a frequently used game trail where moose bear and deer have been spotted. Also, that very spot happens to be an excellent fishing area so definitely a worthy journey.

A boating adventure to Cross Lake is something everyone should do. The contrast of wide-open spaces to narrow water shoots being part of the Temagami River is worth the trip not to mention the countless fishing holes and great landing zones for shore lunches all along the way. Many of the campsite (landing zones) are near hiking or portage trails so there is lots of exploring to do!
Spend time kayaking, canoeing or paddle boating. Tamar has basic units for use at the resort or you can rent and use it all week or take it on your houseboat adventure.  Houseboats are the best way to see the lake and get that wilderness experience you are looking for, inquire for more information.  


Spring angling is always a Temagami highlight of the year so if you are an avid fisher, this is a great time for you to visit. There is a wild range of fish for you from Lake Trout, Walleye, Pickerel, Small Mouth Bass, Pike, and Whitefish as well as some rare species such as Auroa Trout, Blue Pickerel, Burbout who all call Lake Temagami home. If you haven’t seen old-growth before go to Obabika and Chee-skon Lake’s portaging and hiking.  The trails are breath taking and can only be reach by water, it’s defiantly worth exploring. There are many inland lakes to be explored within a few miles of Tamar Island. 
One small lake on the peninsula just West of Tamar Island has yet to be fished while there you can see the old logging paths that were made.   


Cross Lake is the primary inflow, at the west of the lake from Outlet Bay on the South Arm of Lake Temagami. There are numerous unnamed creek inflows, including ones from Willis Lake at the north and McAdam Lake at the east, as well as the Temagami River at the southwest.


High Rock – High Rock is located on Lake Temagami it’s a nice short but steep hike to the top and well worth it. At the highest point of High Rock Island (with an elevation of 371 m) you can take in many scenic viewpoints overlooking Lake Temagami.

White Bear Forest – The White Bear Forest is an old growth forest. The forest is named after Chief White Bear, who was the last chief of the Teme-Augama Anishnabai before Europeans appeared in the region. Enjoy hand-curated trail maps, along with reviews for beautiful photos ops along the way!

Download White Bear Forest hiking trials!

Caribou Mountain / Fire Tower – With only a short walk from the parking lot you will find a 100-foot tall fire tower on the summit of Caribou Mountain. Climb to the top for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding lakes.  The tower is closed from climbing during the winter, but the trails and other viewing platforms are accessible year-round.

Blueberry hunting is always fun, there are some newly regrown area near Tamar Island that were created by the fires of 2018 where you can find blueberries.
Some new trails that lead to logging encampments at the beginning of the 20th century were recently found.  There are hundreds of miles of logging roads from there you can walk. Great for spotting partridge and other small game. 
Tamar Island has its own trail to the north side of the island for a grand view of the South Arm basin. A loop is being planned around the island to create a trail where you can hike for about a half hour, it’s a great morning stroll. 


There are several day beaches and shallow sand bars that are great for playing water games or just wading around.  The water tends to be 10 degrees warmer in these spots making it much more comfortable than that first refreshing dip off the end of our south main dock.
Tamar island has a sand beach with beach house and fire pit away from all of the cabins to enjoy.  Most cabins have access to small fire pits however we can’t provide the wood so foraging or buying bagged wood is available.