Tamar has 20 huts from day huts to sleeping bungalows for you to enjoy.


With our ice fishing packages, we make it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors in the winter, combining a cottage and ice hut. We can arrange pickups at the landing in a caboose or for those of you with your own snowmobiles, you can just head out to Tamar on your own. All the cabins are insulated for winter, with electric heat and we have lots of dry hardwood as well as airtight stoves for overnight burning. We supply pots, pans, cutlery, and serving utensils. Each cabin could have a large stovetop pot for hot water and a BBQ, on request.  Using Tamar as your base, you can fish off the local ridges (where our ice huts are located) or venture off to a hidden lake for your own secluded excursion.  To go along with the cabins is your 4-person ice fishing hut within walking distance of the cabin. The huts are comfortable, warm, and heated with propane furnaces. They have 4 holes, shelves for your stuff, a large table, windows and is equipped with 12-volt lighting. 

Pick Up at Landing – Saturday at 1pm    
Check in – Saturday at 3pm
Check out – Saturday at 9am

*Short-term rentals are also available upon request.

On Ice Bungalows

Sleeps 4-6 people (single beds)

On Ice Bungalows

Sleeps 4 people (2 bedrooms)