Tamar Vacations offering both summer vacations and winter expeditions

Tamar Island is a four-season resort located on the South Arm of Lake Temagami. It has been a family run establishment for over 37 years. The Rice family is committed to providing their guests with fun filled memories that will last a lifetime.

The cottages are nestled on the Southwest end of the 50-acre island. Be sure to visit the front dock for a full day of sun exposure. It is a beautiful spot to sunbathe the day away. Trails that cut through the bush offer the opportunity to explore the island and provide the opportunity to get away from the bunch.

There are many activities to do on and around the island. Bocce and horseshoes are available to challenge your mates to a game or rent a canoe and go for a paddle around the island. Swimming from the front dock or snorkeling around through the crystal-clear waters makes the day for you water lovers.

Temagami is well-known for its canoeing, backcountry hiking, camping, and fishing. Surrounded by crown land and most famous for the majestic and rare old-growth red and white pine trees with some trees as old as 350 years! You can enjoy beautiful sunsets, relax by the campfires or chill on the dock, fishing, house boating, and explore cross lake for some camping in the wilderness.

There is wonderful bird watching with over 60 different species to search for along with bald Eagles. The region boasts 8000 kilometers of interconnecting canoe routes, so it is a great place to head out on a canoeing excursion to explore all that Temagami has to offer. Enjoy our charming cottages, houseboats, or fishing bungalows (winter only) during your stay while you enjoy the endless outdoor activities.

For those of you that need to stay connected to the outside world while enjoying your stay at the Island, Tamar has an intergraded network complete with cellular service and Wi-Fi.  Each cabin has a Cad5 hard connection to the network so it’s fast. Also, on those rainy days you can watch movies! 


Tamar’s cottages are spacious and clean with an open concept.


Visualize yourself cruising around in your Tamar houseboat, fishing and sunbathing.


Tamar has 20 huts from day huts to sleeping bungalows for you to enjoy.