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 Tamar Vacations is a Temagami Ontario vacation location offering both summer vacations and winter expeditions. Tamar Vacations rents Temagami Ontario vacation cottages, Ontario cabin rentals and Temagami houseboat rentals with affordable rates.

Enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of the Temagami region, location of Ontario's oldest pine stands, from Tamar Island with full access to private fishing huts. The region offers a wide variety of activities for Naturalists, Sportsmen and Family groups alike. You can have a full vacation at Tamar whether it be fishing, relaxing (see fishing), snowmobiling, hunting (in season), snow shoeing, exploring or recreational activities. Tamar would like to help you experience Temagami's diverse offerings

G.P.S Coordinates
46 degrees N 52.170
80 degrees W 04.042

Not afraid to brave a little cold in the name of a good time?

Try out Hard Water Angling in Temagami!

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  ' Set aside the formality and restraint of the city to the benefit of body and mind.'

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